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Custom Survival Release


Hello everyone, 

We are happy to announce the release of Custom Survival on the Craftastrophe server! 
This is just a post to update you all on the main new features that have been created and added by the Craftastrophe Development Team. 

As I'm sure you all are aware, the release took a lot longer than originally thought, this is due to a number of issues, already outlined in our Discord - ( However, this time has given the team a long period to create something we think that you will all enjoy. 

So...What's new?

New features:

Shop - This has been overhauled and now has a new GUI and things inside have been changed, most noticeable of which are the spawners. 

Jobs - The Jobs menu has been updated, it now has a new GUI and has had a few new jobs added.  
Woodcutter, Miner, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Explorer, Crafter, Fisherman, Weaponsmith, Brewer, and Enchanter. 

Rankup - A new rank system has been added to the server. These ranks do not cost real-world money, instead are obtained from in-game progression on the server. Unlocking the next rank up gives you access to more commands that will enhance and improve your gameplay. To rank up, do the command: /rankup. To see more information about the ranks: /ranks

The Ranks:

Grass - Start Rank
Dirt - /pay, /bar/ pwaether, /disposal
Stone - /ecraft, /tpahere, /condense, /afk
Iron - /hat, pillager Disguise, /flytime, Silk Touch Spawners
Redstone - /feed, /invsee, /co i, /bal
Obsidian - /back, /sell hand/ ptime, 5 homes
Bedrock - /fly, /repair, Bee Disguise

Shards -
 Shards are how you obtain Spawner Crate keys. You can gather Shards in two ways: Voting and Piñatas. 

Voting - When you vote for the server you immediately get 10 minutes of flying time and a vote key. 
In the Vote Crate you can get:
10, 50 or 100 Shards
$1,000, $2,500, $5,000 
50, 100, 250 Extra Claim Blocks
5, 10, 15 Minutes of Fly time
1 Spawner Key

Piñatas - When a Piñata spawns, you can gather shards by hitting it. The number of hits required to kill the Piñata is based on the number of people online. The number of shards you can earn from one hit on the Piñata ranges from 1-5 shards per hit. 

Spawners - 
These are no longer able to be bought in the shop and can only be obtained from a crate. In order to access the crate, you must have 500 Shards in order to buy a Spawner Crate Key. The Spawner which you get from the Crate is random, so it is not always possible to get the spawner you'd like. 

End Portal - The only way to go to the end if to buy the End Portal Frames from the shop (/shop). In order to buy one frame, it will cost 800 Shards. 

Player Warps - Player warps can be created by any player on the server. Player warps are essentially creating a warp where either the whole of the server can travel to, or just people you trust. In order to create a PWarp, it will cost you 150k in-game money. The list of warps to travel to can be accessed by the command: /pwarp GUI. This will bring up all the available public warps you can travel to. 

Chest Shops - Chest shops are ways for players to sell items on the server to make money. There are different styles of chest shops, to cycle to the one you want, just right-click the sign on the chest. In order to create a sell shop. 
The format is this:
(item amount)


We hope you will enjoy what we have created, see you all in-game! 

As requested... A PvP arena will be added to survival on a later update.